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Our Care Services

Genesees Care provides care services to people in and around the Middlesex, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire areas. Our services are for people who still live in their own homes but who require additional support with household tasks, personal care or any other activity that allows them to maintain their independence and quality of life. We also provide 24-hour supported living accommodation.


Dementia Care

We provide care and support to people and their families at all stages of their Dementia journey helping providing specialist care within the safety & comfort of home.


Individual Key Workers

Our key workers will be responsible for liaising with their manager to ensure the wider health and social care teams are updated so that the needs of the individual are met.


24 Hours Supported Living

Offering a tailor-made service where we provide personal care to people as part of the support that they need to live in their own homes. We also provide 24-hour supported living accommodation.


Mental Health

Our care assistants are specially trained to provide mental health care and support and understanding whilst promoting independence and confidence. 


Personal Care Support

We can provide personal support to help you with things like getting washed and dressed. We can also help you around the home, such as cooking a meal.


24/7 On-Call System

We offer flexible care services for the unexpected and sudden change in circumstances which may require unplanned care support. 

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